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You can set up your Cloudbeds integration in as little as 15 minutes. There is no technical knowledge required to complete the entire process and we have made it very easy with the instructions below.

To quickly onboard your Cloudbeds properties onto our platform, open your My allocator account, go to Channels, then Add a New Channel. Then select Katanox on the list of channels. You will find us under distribution.

  1. Go to your My Allocator. Click on Back to Overview, then click on Ready for Mapping and select I Have an Account on Katanox. Hotel ID will be pre-filled for you and for this step, you don't need a password yet. Click on Next and you'll be able to see your rooms. Click Next again and now you can select your rooms, adjust the rates if you wish and finally tick the Send a full refresh to Katanox button and go back to the overview. My Allocator is set up.

  2. Your account has been automatically created on Katanox. Click here to reset your password and complete your setup in the Katanox platform.

  3. After setting your password on Katanox, open the page, click on your Property, and then, Select. Now it's time to ensure you have the best content available to our travel sellers. To complete your Units page, click on View and upload your best photos, choose a feature one, add extra detailed descriptions and descriptions in other languages, choose your amenities, and more. Click Save.

  4. Now, on the main menu, go to Policies and click on Create. You will be able to upload all the cancellation policies you may have (for example no-show, free cancellation, flexible cancellation, etc). Click Save.

  5. To connect your policies to the rate plans, go to Rate Plans, click View, and add the policies accordingly. Click Save.

  6. Complete your Property profile with the most important information up to date, upload your favorite photos, add a detailed description in more languages, choose your facilities, check your address and etc. This is the moment to show what your property has to offer.

    Once you are ready, click Save, then slide the button from to On and you are live.

    Please take a look at our Content Guide to help you out with the steps above.

Congratulations and Welcome!

You just joined hundreds of innovative properties worldwide that are changing the travel industry distribution for the better. It’s a pleasure to have you with us. If you can’t complete the process, please don’t hesitate to book a call with us here; we will be happy to help.

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