You can build up partnerships with our Accommodation Partners and request special deals through Katanox.

In order to send special and seasonal deals for our Accommodation Partners, you will first have to create a Partnership Proposal. You can click here to learn how to do it.

Deal Hub

If you want to offer special deals to their customers, let's say seasonal deals, or corporate rates, for example, you click on our 'Partnerships' page.

Choose the Accommodation Partner and then click on the correspondent row. On the right side of your page, you will be able to see all the details of the partnership. Then, click on 'Create Deal'.

Here, you can request a special rate, choose the period you want this deal to last, and also add a message to the Accommodation Partner, so they have more context about this special deal.

After that, the partner hotel will be communicated about this deal proposal. They can either accept or reject it and you will receive a communication about this deal. The duration of the special deal is set by you.

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