New digital native travel sellers have been forced to accept long lead times and high costs to access clunky systems dealing with legacy APIs and outdated user interfaces to receive availability, rates, inventory, content and being able to make a transaction in the hotel’s reservation system. Not to mention the costs and efforts to comply with PCI DSS standards to handle payment data.

In the online hotel distribution current scenario, the distribution is extremely complex and opaque, both technically and commercially. Also, if an accommodation provider wants to try something new, time-to-connectivity may be measured in months or even years. The industry is also full of inaccessible data and incomprehensible softwares and hotels have been missing out on opportunities and profits for years due to high commissions, dependency on big players and lack of transparency on where their inventory is sold.

Katanox is disrupting the online distribution of hospitality by enabling a direct connection between travel sellers and accommodation providers. We are a direct booking API that allows accommodations and travel sellers to establish a partnership effortlessly in a B2B marketplace. We aim to open hotel sales to the next generation of travel sellers ranging from airlines to travel publishers, voice assistants to messaging apps.

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