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How to Negotiate Partnership Terms
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At Katanox, we believe you own your agreements between Buyers and Suppliers. We allow our Buyers and Suppliers to negotiate the terms of their partnerships through the Katanox platform.

How to negotiate your commission

On the Partnerships tab, you can see all proposals received and their current status.

Click on View and you will see the Proposal Overview. All the details about the Buyer and their proposal can be found on this page. You can respond and take action on the proposal by using any of the three buttons on the top-right of the page:

  • Reject to decline the partnership proposal

  • Accept if you agree with the partnership request received

  • Negotiate if you would like to negotiate the terms of the partnership such as the commission

Now, you can add your new proposed commission. You can also add a message to the Buyer. Click on Send.

The Buyer will receive your new proposed commission. Buyers can either accept your proposal or counter-offer it.

On the Proposal Overview, you are able to see any messages sent/received and also the partnership history.

Note: You can only counter proposals that are still pending.

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