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Your Marketplace Profile: Getting Verified as a Buyer
Your Marketplace Profile: Getting Verified as a Buyer
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Are you a Buyer looking to expand your business and reach more customers? Katanox is the perfect platform for you. Filling out your Buyer’s profile at Katanox is an important step in expanding your business and reaching more customers. By providing information about your company, business operations, and target market, you can attract potential partners and ensure successful partnerships.

Note: In order to be verified by us and start operating, your Company’s Profile needs to be filled out.

Company Information, Business Operations and Your Market

Providing some basic information about your company can help build trust and ensure that connections are further aligned. This information may include the number of years you have been in business, your target market(s), your website, an introduction about your company, and other additional information.

How to

  • Click on Company Settings on the top right

  • Add any relevant information about your company

  • Click Save

You are all set to be verified by the Katanox team.

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