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Cloudbeds Integration: myallocator
Cloudbeds Integration: myallocator
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You can set up your Cloudbeds integration in as little as 15 minutes. There is no technical knowledge required to complete the entire process and we have made it very easy with the instructions below.

Note: If you already have a Katanox account, please follow these steps instead.

Creating a New Account on Katanox

To quickly onboard your Cloudbeds properties onto our platform, open your Myallocator account, go to Channels, and then Add Channel. Select Katanox on the list of channels and click on Not Setup

Click Create New Account on Katanox

Check your contact email, tick the T&C box, and click on Create Katanox Account

Copy the ID provided to you

Click Back to Overview

Find Katanox and click Ready for Mapping

Click I have an account on Katanox, then confirm that the pre-filled ID is the same as the one you copied. Leave the password blank and click Next

Your rooms will be automatically mapped. Check if everything is correct with your mapping and click Next

Katanox Setup is complete. Tick the box that allows myallocator to send a full refresh to Katanox and click on Back to Overview

Your account has been automatically created on Katanox. Click here to reset your password (use the same email address used on myallocator). You will receive an email from Katanox with a reset link. Follow the steps to reset your password and complete the setup of your property in the Katanox platform.

Set up your property in the Katanox platform by following our Content Guide. It will show how to configure your property, rooms, policies, and rate plans.

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