How to Add and Manage Extra Charges
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You can easily add and manage additional charges to your property on our platform.

How to add extra charges

On your property's main page, click on Extra Charges

Click on Create

Now you can set the extra charge you want to add by filling out the necessary information

  1. Choose the name of the extra charge

  2. Specify whether the charge is a percentage of the rate or a fixed amount

  3. Set how this extra charge will be calculated (per adult, per child, or per unit). When selecting per adult, you can specify if the charge applies right after the first guest or if it starts from the second (third, fourth) to be able to keep the same rate for single & double occupancy

  4. Indicate if this extra charge will be applied per night or per stay

  5. Then, you can decide if this extra charge will be applied to the combination of all units and rate plans or specific units and rate plans

  6. Click on Save

Important remarks:

  • The percentage will always be applied to the base rate

  • Extra charges will be applied on top of your PMS rates

  • Extras charges can be applied simultaneously

  • The fixed amount is charged in the property's currency and it is accounted as tax inclusive

  • These are mandatory extra charges for guests

  • The commission is calculated after these extra charges

  • You can switch off a specific extra charge whenever is needed (eg. seasonal charges)

What does it look like?

In the example below, let’s say your base rate for the double room is €100, any additional adult guest for this room will be charged 50% of the rate, per night.

  • Two guests staying in a double room costs €100 per night

  • Three guests staying in the same room costs €150 per night

You are all set and you can always check or edit your additional charges on the Extra Charges tab.

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