How to Add or Remove Rate Plans to Trading Rates
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Trading Rates is a group of rate plans used for partnerships. You can add or remove rate plans to the pre-created trading rates, in just a few steps.

On the group’s main page, choose Trading Rates. Click on View on the trading rate you want to edit.

  • On Connected Rate Plans:

    • Click on +Add/Remove Rate Plan

    • Add a filter to find the rate plan you want to add or remove

  • Click on Add filter

    • Choose which filter (or filters) you want to apply:

      • Rate Plan Code

      • Name

      • Property

      • Country

  • After clicking on the filter (or filters) you want to apply, fill it out with the required information.

Note: If you are choosing multiple countries, for example, you'll need to create multiple country filters.

  • Choose the rate plans you want to connect

  • Click Done.

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