How to Accept the Buyer’s Proposals Automatically
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As a Supplier, you can enable the automatic acceptance of partnership proposals whenever the proposed commission falls within your desired range.

When enabled, any partnership proposal you receive within the range you choose will be automatically accepted without the need to manually approve it. You will remain up to date with all the accepted partnerships through notifications, rest assured that we will send an email for each auto-accepted partnership.

If you receive a new partnership proposal and the commission falls outside the range you have defined for the auto-acceptance criteria, you can still review and manually approve it.


  • If the commission range is set between 10% and 15%, all proposals where the commission is above or equal to 10% and less or equal to 15% will be automatically accepted.

  • If the commission range is set between 0% and 12%, all proposals where the commission is less or equal to 12% will be automatically accepted.

How to enable auto-accept proposals

  1. On the Katanox main page, click on your profile, on the top-right. Then, click on Settings. Now, click on Organization

  2. Turn on the Auto-accept proposals button and choose the range you want by moving the sliders. You can choose any range up to 30%

  3. Click on Save

You are all set! All proposals between the range you chose will be automatically accepted.

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