You can set up your Clocks PMS+ integration in as little as 10 minutes. There is no technical knowledge required to complete the entire process and we have made it very easy with the step-by-step video and instructions.

Step 1: Log into your Clock PMS account, go to 'Settings' and click on 'API Users'.

Step 2: Once you click on 'API user' you need to fill out all the necessary fields. Make sure to check the Acknowledgement box, select 'Hotel Demo (Hotel)', and finally, under 'Grand Rights - PMS', check the 'Access: basic' box. Click on 'Save'.

Step 3: Go back to 'API Users', click 'Edit' next to 'Katanox user', and on this page, you will create an API key by clicking on 'Create API Key'. Before saving it, remember to copy your new API Key and your PMS API URL as you will need them for the next step.

Step 4: Now you can sign up on Katanox and fill in your details.

Step 5: Once you've verified your email address and logged into your account, you can click on 'Connect PMS', then click on 'New Integration' and select 'Clock PMS+'. On this page, you can now paste your 'PMS API URL' and 'API KEY'. Add your 'Username', and click on 'Import to Katanox'.

Step 6: Without closing your Katanox account, go back to Clock’s PMS+ homepage, go to 'Settings', and this time click on 'OTA Channel Settings'. There you'll find Katanox, and by clicking on 'Open' you can start mapping your inventory.

Start by clicking on 'New', then add your 'Room Type' followed by 'Max Rooms' and click on 'Create' for every category. Please make sure you leave the 'Ota Room Type

Code' empty as this will be automatically generated for you. Click on 'Create'.

Step 7: After mapping your rooms, you can follow with your rates by clicking on 'New' next to 'Rate Map'. Select the rates you wish to upload to our platform from

'Rate' and click on 'Create' for each one.

Choose one option in the 'Deposit auto-payment' and leave 'no' for the 'Export of prices disabled only' and for the 'Export of rates and restrictions disabled'.

Please make sure to leave again the 'Ota room type Code' empty as this will be automatically generated for you. Click on 'Create'.

You can follow this step for all rate plans you want to add to our platform.

Step 8: Go back to the Katanox Platform, click on your property, then 'Policies', and then click 'Create' to upload your cancellation policies. Click on 'Save'.

Make sure you upload all of your cancellation terms such as Flexible, 24h, No Show, etc.

Step 9: Now, to connect your policies to the correct rate plans go to 'Rate Plans', click 'View', add the 'Policies'. Click on 'Save'.

Step 10: As the last step, make sure that your profile on Katanox is complete as possible since this is what will be displayed on the travel seller’s websites, make sure you stand out by:

  • Uploading your best photos;

  • Adding extra detailed descriptions;

  • Choosing your amenities;

  • Adding descriptions in other languages;

  • Adding your facilities;

  • Adding your exact location;

  • Writing a great description.

You can take a look at our Content Guide to help you out on this step.

Step 11: Once you complete your profile click 'Save', then slide the button from 'Off' to 'On'.

Congratulations and Welcome!

You just joined hundreds of innovative properties around the world in changing the travel industry distribution for the better. It’s a pleasure to have you with us. If for any reason you couldn’t complete the process please don’t hesitate to book a call with us here and we will be happy to help.

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