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You can set up your Opera Cloud integration promptly. There is no technical knowledge required to complete the entire process and we have made it very easy with the instructions below.

Please note: This integration supports all versions and up, excluding Suite 8, Fidelio, and older V5 versions.

Please sign up here to get started. Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email address, you’ll be able to access our platform and start your integration.

On Katanox:

1. Once you are registered on Katanox:

  • Click on Integrations under the profile icon

  • Click on New Integration

  • Select Oracle

2. On your main page, choose the property you want to set up. You will need to have your Oracle Property Vendor ID as well as the details of your property

3. Click Create

4. Now you will add the units and rate plans. You just need to add names and IDs for your units and rate plans

5. Click Save

Your integration is complete. Click Go to home and set up your property in the Katanox platform by following our Content Guide. Our guide will show you how to configure your property, rooms, policies, and anything content-related.

Adding More Properties to Your Account

If you want to add more properties to your account, you’ll just need to follow the same process, under the same account.

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